Our Inspiration

Kagi designs are inspired by you and your busy lifestyle. We understand that jewellery needs to work in with your life and at the same time can add a touch of sparkle to your everyday look. From boardroom, ballroom to barbeque, Kagi has been designed to match many occasions with a simple switch. Just like you, Kagi is a multi-tasker that works overtime to bring you stylish basics that you can blend your way.Therefore every design we do starts and ends with you. What you want and how you want to wear it are always at the forefront of our minds. Kat and her design team therefore work alongside a design council of Kagi lovers to ensure that anything we design meets your needs. On top of this travel is an essential part of our inspiration mix. From travelling the globe in search of the world’s finest gemstones to visiting exotic locations and the runways of the world, the Kagi design team seek inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Our role then is combine all sources of inspiration into new and exciting designs each season that you can add to your existing Kagi collection and offer you more ways to express yourself.

Please feel free to email the design team directly via the Contact Us page to share any design ideas you may have. Please note, emails may not be responded to immediately as often the team are away from computers and with their sketchpads.


Spring/Summer 16 Champagne Bubbles Collection

Celebrate Kagi’s 10 year anniversary with this beautiful Champagne Bubbles collection designed with the true spirit of celebration in mind. Reminiscent of the popping of a bottle of champagne!

Watch Kat Gee talk about this beautiful new collection

Spring/Summer 16 Emerald City Collection 

Herald the arrival of spring with this fresh, opalescent emerald collection. You don’t have to be somewhere over the rainbow to appreciate the beauty of these emerald designs