How to Connect & Combine

Kagi is all about versatility and creating endless combinations to suit your style!
To make switching your jewellery simple, Kagi is using strong easy clip clasps.

Close a Clasp

Wrap a necklace around your neck and then close by using one of the two metal clip caps on either end of the strand.

Switch an Earring

To switch an Earring Charm simply open the Hoop and slide off.

Add a Charm

Clip charms onto any bracelet using the clasp at the top of each charm.

Converter Clips & O'Links

Kagi is all about multi-tasking separates that combine into infinite
possibilities using smart and subtle design

Child Safe

As link opens inwards, no pendants can fall off when pulled upon.

Converter clips on pendants

All new pendants now feature this handy convertible clip at the top. This means you can open and clip onto either any O'Link or between the beads in a necklace or bracelet.

Add a pendant

Push the O'Link inwards to add a pendant.