'' We love creating elegantly handcrafted jewellery that makes you feel fabulous and unique. Jewellery that celebrates your own unique style and the woman you want to be''

Why did you set up Kagi?

To bring pleasure to women with beautiful, quality jewellery! Donna is passionate about adventure, and it was the jewels of her travels that inspired her to once again find treasure and inspire women with each new Kagi collection! Donna was drawn to the exquisite blue lapis lazuli in Turkey, the silver work on offer in Thailand and the pearls and semi-precious stones in India! Once she spent a magical afternoon in Rahjastan, at a jewel merchant's home, where different qualities of rubies, emeralds and amethysts were offered for sale. In Kathmandu, touching the large pieces of polished turquoise, traditionally set in filigree patterned sterling silver, carefully selecting gifts for loved ones to cherish. Jewellery is and always will be the perfect expression of individuality and I love how special it can make you feel and how it can transform any outfit with a touch of sparkle.

What/who inspired your love of jewellery?

My beloved Mum and very special necklace made of pearls….As a young girl, I remember spending cherished moments finding treasure, whether it be in my dear Mum's glory box or dressing table, placing a pearl necklace around my neck, pretending I was off to the ball!  

What is the secret skill to designing a winning collection?
To be a good designer, you need to be a good listener and observer - I design for real women who love premium jewellery, the last thing to put on after your make-up and the first thing to take off when you reach home. Anything I design needs to fit our key ethos of: elegance, the Kagi intelligent, versatility mix & match, colour, shell pearls, crystals and gems. 

What makes Kagi unique?
Versatility – Kagi appeals to women of all ages and gives women the ability to switch their look as simply as switching their pendant, meaning customers are not locked into styles and have freedom to choose

What are you most proud of?
Being able to provide women adornments that they can adore! Nothing is better than making everyday women feel sophisticated and special wearing Kagi! 

Tell us more about your Inspirations & what goes on in your Design Studio...

Our Design Studio is a creative space where ideas are nurtured from concept through to the finished design. My workspace has a white desk, my sketch pad, lead and coloured pencils, sash windows looking out on the garden, inspirational mood boards adorn the walls. My primary inspiration comes from nature, the ocean and sky, travel and art. It is fun sourcing crystals and metals from different environments, hand-sketching jewellery designs, seeing these designs come to life as samples! The team at Kagi thrive on creating uniquely beautiful jewellery that is iconic to New Zealand.




The Kagi point-of-difference is the intelligent mix & match designs, to suit any mood, moment or occasion. For me, how you wear your jewellery is just as unique as who you are. At Kagi, we aren’t about telling women you must wear this with this or do it this way – instead, we believe that beauty lies in ones' own uniqueness, in the ways that we choose to combine the pieces, it's in these differences that we can see our real beauty shine.

Kagi is about giving you the tools to express this individuality to ensure you shine, every day!

How would you describe your style?

Stylish, classic, and elegant - styles that can take you anywhere, whether I'm dining out or wearing jeans on a Sunday afternoon! I like to mix and match my necklaces with pendants; wear huggies with matching ear-charms or statement hoops! 

Awards and nominations

Our team of Kagi gems are so dedicated and work around the clock to make Kagi the business it is today – I am so proud of them and one of the most rewarding the fun parts of my job is turning up to work everyday with my extended Kagi family.