Terms and Conditions

  1.  This website is owned and operated by Kagi Ltd in New Zealand. Address: 2-8 Freight Place, Airport Oaks, Auckland 2022
  2. By using our website you agree that we can use a 6 month cookie in order to remember who you are on that device. This includes your Login details and My Bag. 
  3. By using our wishlist feature you agree to being sent useful notification emails in the following scenarios where the product is a) low in stock i.e. <10 units 2) on sale or 3) back in stock.
  4. We offer a "token billing" option our website to allow fast checkout much like buying App's or Music on an iPad or iTunes. If you choose the "Remember my credit card details" option on the payment page of the checkout process then you agree to having the bank create a secure order ID which will then be saved (not the credit card number), so that next time you come to buy something all you will need to do is enter your password.